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YAR sharing is Caring Moment

The happiest people in life are the givers, not the getters.

YAR sharing is caring moment for underprivileged females #YARPeriodMovement.Menstruation blood is actually the only blood not caused due to violence and yet it’s considered impure. The sigma around it has huge impacts. Out of 336 million menstruating women only 36% use sanitary napkins and in Covid situation, this number goes down rapidly (stats by National Family Health Survey 2015-2016). Instead of using pads when women use clothes, they can get urinary or vaginal infections caused due to it, in some cases it can even turn such serious that can cause death . Hence, to aware & empower our young girls and women, YAR has taken this initiative to educate them about the importance of menstrual health by organising camps, sessions and distribute sanitary napkins to them.

It’s important for them to know about their health and body so that they can independently know what’s good and bad for them and access to menstrual health is their right.

Your aid can help a woman to get access to her health and empowerment.
Do play your part.

YAR sharing is Caring Moment