We the people of India” as quoted in our constitution, includes all religions, all cast, all colours either you belong to a family with private jets or a family struggling on road just to reach their home.

Our country has faced many epidemics in the past, and right now it is facing the COVID-19 but unlike other pandemics, it came with a fear not to lose life but to get in touch with people of a specific community. Last year we had seen thousands of people starving on roads. And in the current situation, we are watching people succumbing outside the hospitals due to the lack of resources.

Well in modern India it is not in notion to respect those who are helping us. We are used to disrespecting doctors, police, nurses and everyone around us. We the people of India never think twice before taking someone’s life we just think of ourselves.

If we take a look at this pandemic there are many cases where frontline workers are attacked by local people or the relatives of patients. These workers are selflessly working, even when they know that they can lose their life due to this Virus. Each of them has a family just as we have. Now one may argue they are attacked due to lack of knowledge but we don’t think taking someone’s life or beating some women is an act of compassion and should be done by anyone.

Does a virus distinguish against you as any community or any group? No, it will not. So who are we to do that. The fact is the virus itself will not likely do much harm when it arrives. But our behaviour and “fight for yourself above all else” attitude could prove disastrous. It is only our mistake that we took this virus lightly and never prepared for the second wave.

After having recovered from Covid-19, people are facing a dilemma of another kind. The virus has gone but the humiliation has stayed on. Uncomfortable stares, unkind attitude and harsh words are the new stumbling blocks for those who battled the novel coronavirus and came out winners. Our society needs to learn compassion and kindness.

We implore you all

Temper fear with reasons, panic with patience and uncertainty with education. We have a great opportunity to learn hygiene and humanity. Let’s meet this challenge together in the best spirit of compassion for others. When we will stand for each other we can stop this catastrophic condition.

Facts, not fear. Clean hands and an open heart will help us in finding the true meaning of “We the people of India”.

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