The journey of Y.A.I Foundation

Youth Against Injustice Foundation is a registered trust started by Mr. Piyush Monga in order to conjoin youth and raise voice against injustice.

The main focus of YAIF is to deal with issues like rapes, sex education, human trafficking, acid attacks, education system, sexual abuse, eve-teasing, etc.

Youth Against Injustice Foundation started a mission called “Youth Against Rape”. Mission was started on 25th May 2019 using social media platforms. We started connecting people through Instagram and made them come on one platform to fight against rapes. In the initial days, we made a team on Instagram and started our work through that, which was shifted to Telegram anticipated to privacy motives. Making teams helped us to bring people with different ideologies, states, cultures, etc. come at a point and fight for the eradication of serious pest hollowing our country. Moving ahead we generated Google forms and asked people to fill up those forms to be a part of such great revolutionary movement. The ones who got selected through submissions were then recruited as State Representative and City Representative. The elected members made their own teams work in their city/locality. Also, we expanded our mission to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We tried to reach most of the people through Instagram and Facebook like celebrities, social workers, influencers, sportspersons, etc. We did DMs and emails to such personalities for this. We used the comment section of various pages on a social platform to reach out to people who can support us. Our main motive is to aware people of our mission.

Now in the present scenario, we have teams almost in 21 states and 3 union territories. Those teams conduct seminars, awareness programs, nukkad nataks, signature campaigns, etc. in their city/locality.

As we all know, child abuse, sexual assaults, harassment, and eve-teasing are some major problems for society and our upcoming generation, but still, no initiative is yet taken for implementing sex education in most of the institutions like colleges and schools. So we are conducting seminars in different institutions of different states every few days. We have already conducted 300+ Seminars and Awareness Campaigns all over India. We are willing to conduct more workshops, meet-ups, debate sessions so that we can get the opinion of each student and spread awareness among them.

We educate students of class 1-7 about child abuse, bad touch, and good touch & how to protect themselves from child abuse or assault. We also give both general and basic sex education to class 8th and above including colleges. We also do skits, play, and debates to make the youth understand how they can fight back. We also teach them their responsibilities being an Indian. The main motive behind giving sex education, training them in Martial arts is, to build a new India which has a proper sum of young human resource who are aware of their responsibilities and duties towards the nation. We also help students by counseling them if they face any issues. We strongly recommend that everyone should get compulsory sex education and martial arts training.

Also on 17th August 2019, we filed an online petition on change.org to change the tag of Indian as the 4th unsafest country for traveling women in the world. Demands of the petition are:

1- Implementation of the death penalty for Rapists on conviction.

2- 14 Years of Imprisonment For Females Filing fake Cases against men.

3- Compulsory sex education by experts in all schools.

4- Proper forensic labs in every city with trained medics.

5- Shift Cases On Fast Track Court For Rape Victims.

6- Rules for Victim & Witness Protection.

7- Remove President mercy rule on Rape Cases.

8- Permission To NGOs and Trusts to do Awareness Programs in institutions.

On 17th October 2019, our founder along with 2 other members started a Cycling Campaign to spread awareness against rapes and other related issues. The journey began in Delhi and they will be covering the 28 States and 5 Union territories. The expedition of 50000+ km would be covering most of the backward areas, 2000+ villages, etc. During the journey, three members including the President would personally interact with the rape victims and would conduct awareness programs and seminars in government schools and other institutions.

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