Cluster Head

The Cluster head is the responsible hand who will handle the responsibility of the zone (i.e. North, south, east, west ). He/She will manage the states of his/her zone and will work as a bridge between supervisors and State heads/Chapter heads. They will take care of the working/activities of their states making the mission touch anticipated heights on their respective Zones. They will work on the problems, cases, and other important issues in their zones. They will provide working pattern strategy, planning, and responsibilities to their SR and coordinate with supervisors regarding important decisions or certain problems they face. State heads will work under the cluster head’s supervision.

State Head

State heads also called the state representative as they represent states to the higher authorities are the responsible hands of the state /cities in the respective states. They will work under the supervision of Cluster head and hence they will have to indulge cluster head before taking any important decision. They will also monitor and provide guidance to Chapter heads. Online active members of states will be directly handled by the state head. The State head will solve state-related issues and will manage all legal work.

Chapter head

Chapter head is the responsible hand for the city. They will work under the state head and will manage all ground activities in their cities. They will have to issue the state head’s permission to work on the ground. Chapter head will have to maintain every legal document ( hardcopy ) that has been employed during ground activities. They will take steps to build a team on the ground level and make an effort to stay connected with members for the generous accomplishment of the motive of the mission.

Note : Only YAIF Volunteer can Apply

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  • No disrespect will be entertained for anyone and from anyone.
  • No other group will be allowed to be made other than official groups.
  • The individual joining will have to work under the guidelines and policies of the NGO.
  • In case of any type of illegal activity, done in the name of Ngo, strict actions will be taken by Ngo and the individual will have to face the respective consequences.
  • The individual will have to work under the guidance of the Ngo Board of Trustees.
  • In case of misuse of the Identity card, strict action will be taken by the NGO.
  • The Board of Trustees may update the terms and conditions at any time by amending them on the page. Keep a check on the website from time to time and take notice of changes. Your continued use of the site will be deemed as your approval to the modified terms and conditions, in case of amendment of the terms and conditions on the website.
  • In order to apply for cluster head, state head and chapter head, the minimum age should be 20+,19+,19+ respectively.
  • If anyone does not follow the guidelines and working pattern, then they will be removed from their post and no authority will be remain with them
  • No clause mentioned in the terms and conditions confers a license to the user to exploit the content on the site.
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If you have any complaints concerning the working or the handlers, feel free to reach out to us. We value your feedback as they help us in making our work more efficient.

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