Youth Against Rape

Youth Against Rape is a mission that was started with a motto to fight against rape and fake rape allegations. It was started by a 22-year-old boy named Piyush Monga on 25 May 2019 through social media. Youth Against Rape is an initiative under the "Youth Against Injustice Foundation". YAR also started a petition on 17th August 2019 on change.org which includes 8 demands to provide justice, mainly for execution of death penalty for rapists after conviction and 14 years imprisonment for false rape allegations. On 17th Oct 2019, our three heroes namely Piyush Monga, Ranchhod Dewasi, and Yogesh Rawal has started a cycling campaign in which they will be pedaling 50000 km all over the states and union territories of India. The organization currently has more than 2500 Members.YAR has its reach over 21 States and 3 union territory and is working on the online as well as the ground level. YAR conducts seminars in schools, colleges and awareness campaigns in slum areas, public places, and gardens. Apart from that Khushiyan Banto Campaigns, cleanliness drives, and tree plantations are also organized. YAR's motive is to spread awareness, provide sex education, provide information about laws, women's rights, good touch bad touch, and fake rape allegations.

Khushiyan Baanto

Khushiyan baanto campaign is organised by 'Youth Against Injustice Foundation'. The campaign focuses on spreading happiness by helping needy people and to aware women and men. It covers cleanliness drive, distribution of food, clothing, stationery and various other needed items for the people who are poor and live in slum & backward areas. Poor Women don't know the importance of menstrual hygiene so the focus of the team is to aware them and to distribute sanitary pads. The focus is to aware children about good touch, bad touch and distribution of chocolates and various such food items to the children. During the pandemic, the team focused on distributing the mask and various necessary items to the people in need by taking proper precautions. It's a small step towards the betterment of the country by helping and making people smile through small efforts.