“Overview of our motives.”

  1. We, the youth of India has joined our hands to make amendments in the law made by the Indian Panel Code for rape cases.
  2. Eradication of rape is the need of the hour as thousands of rapes have been reported in the last few years.
  3. We demand the “death penalty” after medical inspection for rape cases or any other sexual harassment within two days to grant justice to the victim.
  4. We feel that the complexity of the legal system is itself an impediment to conviction.
  5. When the crime takes place, the victim has to go through such lengthy judicial processing, which is very less active.
  6. This would not only grant justice to the victim but will also teach a lesson to the ones who would try to commit such a crime in the future.
  7. Signing this petition will not only help sexual harassment cases but also will help us fighting with child abuse and other issues.
  8. A strict law should also be made for fake rape allegations.
  9. Media should be indulged in the last stage in both cases, whether the rape cases or the fake allegations.
  10. Educational institutions should teach children below 11 years of age about sex education and other mandatory scenarios.
  11. Every institution, office, the department should be having their personal counselor and advisers who can keep a check on every individual who is working there, this would not only provide jobs but will also try to provide strength to speak up about any harassment they are going through.

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