Modeling Industry and its reality

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Modeling Industry and its reality

For many people, the life of a model seems to be an ideal one. You get to travel the world, wear designer clothes, all while making a lot of money. But the lifestyle of a model is not all glitz and glamour. There is a lot that goes on when the cameras aren’t flashing that might shock anyone who isn’t familiar with the modeling world. 

The modeling industry has a reputation for being tough on young and vulnerable men and women, modeling as a profession isn’t all glamorous as most people think, and especially when it comes to how much an average model is paid in Ghana. Thousands of young men and women are working in the industry with a much lower income. Questions are being raised over how well some of these models are being treated by Clients and the agencies who are supposed to represent their best interest.

Another reason is that some of the emerging models and “freelance” models are not interested in the finances of the modeling industry, but rather are blinded by the fame and parties that come with the job and thus take whatever is dished out to them without questions asked and these acts ruin the industry because, when a professional model asks for an increment in pay and there are all these more-than-willing emerging and freelance models out there ready to work for any amount, the clients will go for the ones willing to take the lowest amount on the job market.

What is molestation?

Sexual abuse, also referred to as MOLESTATION, is abusive sexual behavior by one person upon another. It is often perpetrated using force or by taking advantage of another. When force is immediate, of short duration, or infrequent, it is called sexual assault. 

The offender is referred to as a sexual abuser or molester. A molestation is an act wherein the abuser rapes the victim’s mind, body, dreams& emotions.

Let us say an act wherein a person is holding a higher position for example: (boss/officer/mentor/senior,etc.)

Asks for sexual favors from the victim that is 

(a subordinate, common person, participant, newcomers in modeling and filming industries).

This kind of favors where the superior holds power and asks sexual favors from the subordinate to get the work done, achieve a higher place, promotion is considered as RAPE & MOLESTATION.

What about verbal molestation, molestation by giving out various signs. Many people perform that and don’t understand the threat they create in the victim’s mind. Molesters tear up the victim’s soul while they cry with blood that these molesters take advantage of sexual benefits. Molestation is sexual misconduct that is performed without consent if the victim, it is RAPE, and it must stop.

What leads to molestation? 

Molestation, nowadays this has become a very common word as many of us are the victims of this but most of us remain quiet and numbed many times. Women and girls face lots of sexual and mental abuse at schools, colleges, workplaces, etc.

Firstly, the culprits observe the victims and check out at what level they can go for their benefits like success. Then these people start a conversation and get to know their backgrounds, financial status, and their eagerness. After doing all kinds of stuff they compel innocent women and girls who do hard work to achieve their dream to choose between the two. Either they ask for a huge amount of money or sexual intercourse. Due to their reasons, they unwilling have to agree with those monsters. Further, those men use this as an opportunity to exploit girls and women.

What makes them do this more in silence. After what had happened they remain constantly quiet and became victims of molestation. 

Different industries facing it 

Molestation and Sexual Abuse can take on many faces. It can affect the very young as well as the very old, the wealthy, famous and the everyday person. A victim of sexual abuse often feels embarrassed and keeps the abuse a secret, sometimes for decades! Sexual abuse can range from non-physical abuse to actual intercourse. In any scenario, the victim may be left dealing with extreme emotional trauma or physical damage. 

Casting couch is the example where for success molestation occurs most and for the sake of their jobs, reputation and further career they keep their mouths shut. #metoo campaign was a period through which many areas and fields caught where sexual abuse is been running. 

A young child or vulnerable adult can be victimized by predators who wear many different faces — a family member or friend, a coach, an employer or fellow worker, a teacher, a clergy member, other church-affiliated workers, even a doctor or dentist. When an employer protects a predator, the employer may also become a defendant in the case. Mostly cases seek from higher authorities or heads who pressures and the victim is made shut down by warning of career, further life, etc. 

Molestation is not limited to in-person sexual contact. It can include internet and social media harassment, cyberbullying and internet child pornography. Irrespective of the type of sexual abuse a victim suffers, sexual abuse survivors will often suffer life-lasting emotional damages that can impact their future relationships, education, and productivity.

Ways to stop molestation practice 

The fashion industry is still waiting for its #metoo moment in its real sense. From the beginning, models have been facing these issues; girls in this industry have to stop forgiving terrible men just because they have more power and reach.

India also needs a plan of action like SARA ZIFF, an American former model and founder of The Model Alliance, has created THE RESPECT PROGRAM [a concerted plan of action for changing the culture of the industry to reflect the values of respect, professionalism and protecting models from abuse]. 

Every person who is aspiring to be a model should know about every loophole through which these molesters get away easily after doing their dirty tricks. And should not let anyone use them in any way. Awareness is very important, proper and right guidance plays an important role in framing a great career and also saving many from being mistreated and getting molested in this industry. 

It is time to look hard at the workplace cultures of the modeling industry and demand for immediate changes should be made actively. Various agencies, magazines, and brands all play an important role and must be held accountable. As they can and are influencing a lot of people. These institutions can also work on various issues like wage theft, scams, the pressure to use drugs on models, plastic surgery and over the board measures used for weight loose along with molestation. 

New and young models who don’t know much about the modeling industry should at least know basics about the industry in which they are aspiring to become successful, with that they will know how much and what is good and acceptable. If someone is comfortable doing something, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be. And that is the key to remember in the first place. It is also important to not trust someone blindly. You can earn fame and get success with your hard work and talent only. There are no shortcuts to do anything in any field, let alone the modeling industry. 

There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing. Be aware and take stand against those people. None can spoil your career or can blacklist any model from the industry now. All you need is to take a stand against people with this mentality.

To stop this hell activity we need to unite and speak up about this with proof so that these molesters can be caught, exposed to the public and would be penalized for this. And from next time he can even think about doing this.


From the starting until now, you have seen reality, basic knowledge about molestation and ways to stop it.  Every one or another file has its advantages and disadvantages, but it should not destroy your physical or mental health and wealth. The world runs behind the success and when someone is much greedy they choose the wrong option as well. However, after reading and knowing, none should take the wrong way. Money and fame we need but it is not more than our inner and outer peace. So we hope you all will fight against wrong and stand tall against the bad. 

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