Awareness Program in Patna, Bihar

Location:  NIT ghat, Patna
Experience: Patna team targeted different groups of people present on the ghat.  When the team started talking to people, they were not interested. In the beginning, it was not that good start, but later they spoke to some more groups, they started listening to the team and told them about Missionand power of youth. There in the first program, they were able to get 50+ petitions signed. By this event, the Patna team learned some basics ideas of interacting with people and talking to them about the need to stop this.

Location: Gandhi Maidan, Patna
Experience: The Patna team conducted the second awareness program in Gandhi maidan. The experience of this event was far better than before. The best part was there were some foreigners from Bhutan visiting there. When they saw the Patna team doing an awareness program, they came there to interact with the team and ask them about the mission. As the whole team was interacting with them, so many people came there and gathered. So in no time, a broad audience was there. So, we got numerous signatures on the petition and also some donations and also was appreciated by the people around. Location: Railway station, Siwan, Bihar
Experience: As the team was not permitted by the railway authorities to conduct an awareness program in railway station premises, so team Siwan, Bihar attended a seminar outside the railway station. It was a good experience for the team. During the program, a local media channel named “Daily hunt” covered this news and asked us about the mission and our strategies. Also, people on the railway premises appreciated us and were happy that youth in such a small town is awake and trying to bring out the best in the country.

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