Grape - Grey Area Rape​

Intercourse that isn’t completely consensual but isn’t sexual assault or simply unwanted copulation can be counted in the Grey area rape.

What do people think rape is?
A stranger wearing a scary mask has a weapon to attack you in the night!! As we think, this is how rape looks like. Right?
According to what Televisions, Social Media, or Movie shows rape is an act done by a stranger or a group of strangers in a completely dark place, sometimes under the open sky.
A stranger danger scenario has been created among all of us.

Why Do People Think There Is A Grey Area?

Maybe it is like that because I was drunk.
Maybe he didn’t want to hurt me.
We’ve kissed before.
What if it’s because I didn’t fight back enough.
All these are common thoughts that create the concept of grey area.

Twist There Is No Grey Area!

A survey from 2005 says 33% of males admit a girl who flirts is partially responsible for rape. So, the problem with consent is leading to grey area rape. It is now important to figure out that if an individual is flirting, laughing, or chilling out with you doesn’t mean she wanted to have a sexual relationship with you.

Between Consensual & A Stranger Attack!

The cases included under non-consensual sex, as non-consensual sex is as offensive as Rape does not matter by an acquaintance or relative. An assault that is done by anyone who you know is included in crime and as much punishable as done to a stranger. In England and Wales, approximately 85,000 women experience rape or attempt to rape every year which is included in the grey area but only 15% of the cases are registered. This number can be a lot higher in India.

Stranger Danger!

Attacks happen within the stranger scenarios but 93% of the cases registered in India are those in which the victim is an acquaintance of the accused, sometimes this percentage rises to 97-98%. The attacker might be a family member, ex-partner, current partner, office colleague, etc.
Subsequently, we have got it all wrong there is no stranger danger, the danger is from the person you know.

Sections Dealing With The Grey Area Rape In India.

Section 375 and section 376 of IPC
Sexual intercourse with women against her will and consent by fraud or at a time when she is intoxicated or drugged is rape and any person doing this must be imprisoned with a minimum of 7 years and also, he is liable to fine.

Be sensitive about what you speak, because it’s possible that you do not know but some people are suffering or have suffered from this. It is time to relearn about rape and to know that non-consensual sex is as horrible as rape.
And it must be reported without any hesitation.