So, Here It Is,Where This All Started


Delhi , picture 1 with Tubinator group pr cycling owner and picture 2 at the historical India gate. Here the journey starts, the new evening was interesting and fascinating for us.

Hazrat Nizamuddin , Second day of journey. As it was very beginning of the journey, so cyclists were not really habitual to the routine. Thats why  they continued their journey nearby Delhi only.


Third day was more interesting one for us. As we started heading towards our first state of our journey , Rajasthan.

On the way to Rajasthan , one of the 3 cyclists got badly injured as they met with an accident with truck. Still they continued their journey and covered more 30 kms after that.

This day was too exciting for us. As we reached Alwar, we got welcomed by the local people of the place. And we also conducted an Awareness program Alwar.

This day was bit amazing for us. As we were going through a national park. We were approaching for Bhangarh after the awareness program in Alwar.

This was the most challenging day for us from the day we started our journey. We were stucked in Thana Gaji Jungle,we had no food Or water. We were totally tired but somehow we managed to get out of there.

On this day,we reached Bhangad fort.It was a great experience. We awared people and security guards about our mission then they refunded our money which we paid to enter and even told us that they will not take any fees from members of Youth Against Injustice Foundation who will visit the fort with ID card.