Experiences of events and awareness programmes in “Nagpur”

Experience: It was the first awareness program in Nagpur done by the Nagpur team. The team was quite enthusiastic. Students too were excited about this. The main thing I learned there was “time management.” We got around 1 hour for our presentation and lecture there, so the Nagpur team learned how to manage time and slots. It was a good experience. Students gave their names too to join the mission and also signed the petition. Nagpur team was able to make them realize the power of youth and their vital need to bring change in the society.

Location: Lakeside futile lake, Nagpur

Experience: The second awareness program in Nagpur was at Futala lake. Initially, people were not paying much attention as they feel “rape” is not their concern. Then a couple came aged around 50+, a lady stood and listened to us with full attention, she appreciated us for this good cause. Then gradually, people started gathering there, and they listened to us. There wegot many signatures on the petition and some donation too

Location: Ambazari garden park ambazari Nagpur

Experience: Till this awareness program, a strong bond was made between the Nagpur team. Everyone was now familiar with each other, and very well known to their working areas. Now, when the awareness program started, there was a team of boys only. So when they began to speak, people were not at all interested. Team also tried to stop some people and talk to them, but they refused to listen to them and went away. Then some girls from the team were called, gradually people started paying heed to the words. They began gathering there and listen to the side. There too we got numerous signatures on the petition.

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