Experiences of events and awareness programmes in “Faridabad”

• Location:- town park, sec 12, faridabad, haryana

We did our first public awareness program there, we made 2 pairs of our team there then we approached people sitting there in the park  like sir/mam can we have your 5 mins ? We are doing a campaign/public awareness program here and that’s how we gathered local public and then we started discussing about the stats and on going conditions of India as 4th most unsafe country for women and children, then we explain about our campaign, and told them to sign Petition and also asked if they want to help us for this cause they can donate us!
The thing we observed there, that most of the public, specially ladies are not interested after listening the word RAPE, and also we need to interact with the people so we can hold them for long period. Some of them was very generous about this and also donated as per their will. And also a uncle at the end while packing of said us that- keep it up beta you all are doing a really good job, just don’t stop and don’t fear.

• Location :- kendriya vidyalaya no.1 faridabad, Haryana 

Conducted our first Seminar on child abuse and mission related info.

First we interacted with the students, told them about us, that we are from YAI foundation, then asked them about the reason and definitions of rape, in order  to know the mindset of our public who was there interacting with us, they actively participated in the seminar and confessed many things related to harrasment and the problems they are facing, some of the youngsters were not aware about the latest situation of our country, we asked them that how many of your younger siblings know about the good touch and bad touch, or if they ever tried to interact with them in this way, because basically due to lack of proper sex education, kids don’t know about what is right or wrong going on with them, or what they should appose and to whom they have to approach, we taught them about the WHL- 1091 and child helpline no. 1098, and at the end explained about the campaign going on all over the country, also many interested students of them joined us.
The response of teacher was good they were supporting.

• Location :- K.L.Mehta Dayanand college for womens, faridabad, haryana
(Conducted signature campaign)

We arranged a desk and laptop there with our volunteers, in the canteen area and took 4/5 sessions for the campaign, explained each batch about the mission and they actively participated in the signature campaigns. Almost 600 Petition signed in a day, most of the members from FARIDABAD team are from there only, many of them joined us while doing the campaign. 
After many rounds of seeking permission from the college authorities they finally provided us a date for this campaign we observed that, the management were not much serious about this noble cause, as they were busy in their own schedules and activities going on within there campus, but the principal supported us and appreciated for what we are pursuing with.

• Location :- crown interiorz mall 47, mathura rd, Ashoka enclave 3, subhash nagar, sector 35, faridabad, haryana.

Youth against rape campaigning.
That was the biggest event till now in Faridabad, we planned, singer, created montages depicting harassment with a girl and fake rape allegations, nukkad natak which showed that public was only concerned about the short dresses of the girls and if a boy and girl is walking on street they are shameless, they could be siblings also, for getting public attention, then we made people aware about the recent stats of rape cases in our country, explain them about the campaign, made them realize that this could happen with any of us, all the public from the 3 floors were watching us, but only those have shown interest who were really understanding this. The response was good but nowadays in this much busy schedule people rarely get any time to chill, so most of them were thinking that they haven’t faced any situation like this till now so this is not an issue of their concern.

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