Events and Awareness Programme , Punjab

Events and awareness programs in Punjab.

Location: SSSD public school  Bal. , Jalandhar

Experience: The seminar was conducted in a school for students from 8th to 10th by the Jalandhar team. It was like an interactive session. The group talked about the term “rape.” Also, as they were young minds, so the team tried to make them realize their power and duties being the youth of the country. All the students were listening to the side very curiously.  There were counter questions too. Many girls raised their voices and talked about the problems in their village and locality. It was a great experience there.

Location: Rajpura, Punjab

Experience: The Rajpura team conducted this event in their locality. As the group was small, so it was difficult for the team to initiate the things there. But the best part was that the team collaborated with ” The Divya Foundation.” They helped us a lot in making people aware of the whole scenario we are dealing with. Few people gathered there for that program, and they signed the online petition. Also, we had a great session of discussion with The Divya foundation. It was a good experience for the team.

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