Efforts of the Social Media team

“Working of Facebook Team”

Youth against injustice foundation is working on all social media handles to join people with us. Facebook is also one of the most prominent social media handles to unite people with.

“Working strategies on Facebook.”

•  We are trying to reach most of the people through Instagram and FB like a celebrity, social worker, influencer, sportsperson, etc. we do messages, emails to such personalities for this we have our direct message cell on both Instagram and Facebook.
•We use the comment section of various pages on the social platforms to reach out to people who can support us.
•Talking about Facebook, we are trying to get ourselves added to some of the popular groups on Facebook for support and tell people about our mission.
• The main motive is to aware people of our mission. So every member who is a part of this mission should have the proper knowledge and have to be good at convincing people.
• People who want to join us they message directly on the facebook page of youth against rape or to the admins of the public group of youth against abuse.
• Also, we have a Facebook team’s telegram group; we discuss their about upcoming events, famous personalities, popular posts, etc.
•As people of all age groups use Facebook, so it is a plus point that we can reach more people of different age groups at a time.

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