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To be here, to read this and for the revolutionary step, you are putting ahead!
Where today we spend thousands of rupees on clothes and gifts, it is still a dream for others to wear a new t-shirt once a year. Where we eat at fancy restaurants, it is still, a dream for them to have a meal once a day.
We are the aware and conscious citizens of our country, unlike others. We spend years studying, we struggle hard to get a job and we all have a dream to serve our country.
Maybe we can’t help them with all. But the country is asking you to serve and to be a light for those who are spending their lives in the dark. Yes, you can be a light and put smiles on some faces. Create a positive impact on the lives of thousands of unprivileged yet deserving souls.
Donate to us! Serve humanity

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Bank Details:-
Name:- Youth Against Injustice Foundation
Acc No.:- 38950477593
IFSC :- SBIN0050180
Account Type:- Current Bank Account
Branch Name:- Railway Road, State Bank of India, Hisar, Haryana,

Donation for the campaign

Break The Silence..!

Youth Against Rape

"Grace, Compassion and Peace"
The words which everyone is trying to achieve in their life.
It lies in your standard of giving rather than a standard of living.
"Charity Begins at Home"
This line applies at YOUTH AGAINST INJUSTICE FOUNDATION (Y.A.I.F) as our team working all over India
to eradicate Injustice from society.
Apart from this, Y.A.I.F works for the betterment of society through different Campaigns like The Khusiyaan Baanto Campaign (We distribute basic needs to the Needy people), Plantation drives, Cycle
Campaigns and many more. Even we provide Legal counseling to the Victim of Rape and False Rape Allegations.
We serve individuals irrespective of his/her caste, creed, religion, etc.
We request you to contribute to this noble cause to make a big impact on our society towards Injustice. Cause, giving is not just about making donations.
It is about making difference...
At last, be a ray of hope for those who are searching for light...

Don’t be the sunlight in someone’s bright hours, be the moonlight in someone’s dark hours.
It does not matter how much we donate; it matters whether the donation is meaningful.
How to define meaning? Let society and history judge. Y.A.I.F provide several options for you to contribute: For Indian Rupees: You can use the Payment Gateways on this page to make payment(s) Or use Ketto, Credit or Debit Cards, Net Banking(Google Pay, Bhim UPI), Cash Card, Mobile Payments or eWallets(Paytm, PhonePay).
For Foreign currency: You can use Payment Gateways like Paypal or you can use the ketto link. You can donate by clicking the donate button on this page.
If you are looking for any other option do contact- [email protected]
Note- If you are donating offline you can donate only Rs. 2000 Your donation is eligible for exemption under 80G. To make it easier for you to claim deductions when filing returns, we store receipts for all of your donations. To receive a receipt for your donation, send an email to [email protected] with the E-Mail ID you used to donate and your Receipt

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the staircase. “
-Martin Luther King Jr.
You put faith in us, believed us and took the first step towards change.
We use your funds for humankind in different ways like in different campaigns and causes for our society.
Your every penny will be used for campaigns and revolutionary causes like the Khushiyaan Baanto the campaign, Sanitary Napkins, Punarvan, Cycle Campaign which can make an adorable difference in society.
Be assured and taste the change we are going to make in society with your blessings.

YAIF doesn’t hold on to donations but our campaigns have much need for support from your side.
So, the question comes how can you donate? Donations can be done in various ways.
A penny for changeChange doesn’t have any condition, you can pay as per your wish. Even a penny will help in accomplishing millions of smiles. Giving a little is better than not giving at all. Please contribute as per your desire.
Let’s Donate knowledge Here, you can donate any of your old books, which you read before and now it’s no use of yours. By donating books, we can start an afresh life.
Donate your cupboardOld clothes hold up space in the cupboard but donated clothes hold a place in the hearts of people. You
can give your clothes a new life by donating them to the needy ones.
These are small actions but it creates big changes. Donate and let’s heal others with our help.