Cycle Campaign

Piyush Monga

A 22-year-old boy from Hisar, Haryana with a vision of Rape Mukt Bharat, a true leader and a deeply supportive personality.

Ranchhod Dewasi

A young boy from Sirohi district of Rajasthan, a competent individual and a conscientious person

Yogesh Rawal

A 20-year- old boy from Sirohi district of Rajasthan, a hard working personality and an empathetic human being.

We started spreading our idea of awareness through online platforms and were getting positive results. But not all people are active on social media, and thus there was always a need for groundwork. The team started the groundwork too in their respective cities, but again the place, where the need for awareness was highest, was not under our reach. These places were the rural areas where we had no teams. Thus, to generate consciousness, an idea of a significant campaign came up.

On 17 October 2019 Y.A.R. started a cycling campaign traveling to 50,000+ km to spread awareness against injustice.

Founder Piyush Monga with the two key members from the team started this journey from Jantar Mantar, Delhi.

Respected Nirbhaya’s Mother invited as Chief Guest on this auspicious occasion commenced the mission and blessed our cyclists for their journey.

Covering 28 States & 5 UTs. During this trip, they are conducting seminars and awareness campaigns.

Apart from this, they are also organizing activities like- Kushiyaan Banto Campaign, Cleanliness, and Tree Plantation.

Right now they had covered Rajasthan, Gujrat, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, but now they are stuck in Bihar because of the unfortunate epidemic.

Our Cyclists will continue their journey once this outbreak of Covid-19 takes a pause.

Y.A.R. has been successful in reaching out to many of those people who need someone to stand for them and whose voices remain doomed in chaotic silence.

As a continuous mission to fight against injustice YAR took an oath that they will stop only after aking a #rapemuktbharat.

The Glimpses Of The Journey