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Frequently Asked Question!

Youth Against Injustice Foundation (YAIF) is a registered Trust under the Indian trust act which works on eliminating injustices from the country.

YAIF is working for a Vision “Rape Mukt Bharat”. We started a Mission “Youth Against Rape” under YAIF to fulfill our Vision. We are fighting against rapes and false rape allegations.

Take these following steps

–Download Telegram.

–Create your account.

–Set your username from settings.

–Send the telegram username to @y.a.r.support.team (Instagram).

–You will be added to the HR Group, there will be a short interaction round.

After that you will be added to your respective city group where you can work on the ground level as well as online too.

YAIF not only fights against rapes and fake rape allegations, acid attacks, human trafficking, etc. issues but also spreads awareness about sex education.

We are here for Victims/Survivors and helping them for legal guidance, and counseling services to develop positive coping skills, thereby mitigating negative effects of the trauma.

You can reach us at online platforms easily. For any suggestion or help, you can directly contact to —


And To Other State Handles Of YAR On Instagram For Convenience.

As we all are mostly students thus we don’t have any proper financial support. Voluntarily donations are the only Financial Support of YAIF. We look forward to any financial help we can get.

We do awareness campaigns and seminars in schools/colleges to convey and educate our Youth.