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Due to the non-arrest of accused, gang-rape victim commits suicide.

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A girl student committed suicide by hanging herself in her house on Monday due to the non-arrest of gang-raping accused in a village in the Kotwali area. The victim had also left a suicide note.
On 16th October 2020, the victim accused a young man in the village of raping her on the pretext of marriage. This man was also accused of gang-raping with his two other friends and threatened her by taking her to a nearby village.
The police had registered the case against the three accused on 24th October 2020, but there was no arrest declared for any of the accused then. Enraged by this, the student committed suicide by hanging herself in a room in her own house on 16th October, Monday afternoon.
"Kamrudin, Abrar, and Mubeen raped me. Spoiled my life Nothing left me to show my face. My career and my future ruined everything and forced me to die. If they had gone to jail, my morale would have increased a bit. No one trusts my words, family, and police. So, I have no other way to assure you. I am committing suicide. And its responsible are Kamaruddin, Abrar, and Mubin. The police are doing nothing. Forgive me, my parents."
Written on the suicide note by the victim.

"Police has sent the dead body for postmortem and a report has been lodged against the three accused on the Tahrir of the deceased’s father. Strict action will be taken to investigate the matter thoroughly," said Santosh Kumar Singh, SSP.

Source : Dainik Bhaskar