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Andhra Pradesh Activist Fighting for Adivasi Rape Survivors held under UAPA.

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VS Krishna, a prominent human rights activist, has been fighting for 11 Adivasi women, who were allegedly raped by the elite anti-Naxal police force in Andhra Pradesh — the Greyhounds in 2007. After more than a decade since the incident, Krishna has been booked under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), Sedition, Arms Act, and several other charges by the state police.
The Visakhapatnam rural police have accused Krishna of being a comrade and coercing the rape survivors into "falsely testifying" against the Greyhounds personnel.

In the Vakapalli rape incident, 13 Greyhounds personnel raided the Vakapalli hamlet (a tribal agency area under Nurmati panchayat in Visakhapatnam) and allegedly raped Adivasi women belonging to the Kondh tribe.
Several activists, including Krishna, fought against the brutal repression of the police and fought for justice legally.

Police arrested a man named Naggana about this case.
“I used to meet VS Krishna, a resident of Visakhapatnam. He met Maoist top leaders many times. About 10 months ago, I mediated a meeting between Krishna and RK. In my presence, they have discussed the false case that they filed using innocent Vakapalli Adivasi women. Krishna told RK that he has been roaming in the Adivasi areas encouraging the Adivasis to falsely testify against the police to prevent them from combing the area. If anybody is not willing to testify against the police, Krishna said that he ordered the Adivasis to leave the village,” said Naganna.

Another case is reported on 24th November in Pidugurala police station, Krishna has been booked for “indulging in violent activities against the law” along with 26 others. The Pidugurala police allegedly arrested a man identified as Kambhampati Chaitanya and seized revolutionary literature from him. Police said that all 27 of them mentioned in the FIR were part of the extremist ‘People’s War Group’, a banned communist party formed in Andhra Pradesh.

Along with Krishna, three other members — Human Rights Forum (HRF) state vice-president Atram Bhujanga Rao, his wife Adilabad district HRF president A Suguna, and HRF Komaram Bheem Asifabad district president Kanaka Venkatesh — have been booked under UAPA in the neighboring state of Telangana.
In this case, 21 persons have been charged for their alleged association with the banned CPI (Maoist) party.

HRF, along with several other organizations, have provided them (survivors) with food and shelter to be able to depose in the trial. It is certainly not a crime to provide food and shelter to Adivasi women witnesses who have come from remote areas to depose in a criminal trial mandated by the law.

Rejecting the police accusation of being a Maoist front and demanding the charges against them be dropped, the group said, “HRF"

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