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A man fought against a fake rape allegation and wins Rs.15 lakh compensation.

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Chennai court awards Rs.15 lakh compensation to a man named Santhosh, who as a college student, was arrested on charges of rape and made to face trial for then seven years.

Santhosh's lawyer said that his client's family and the woman's family were neighbors. They both belonged to the same community and it was agreed between the families that Santhosh would marry the woman.

When Santhosh with his family shifted to another neighborhood, he enrolled for BTech, the woman's mother approached claiming that he had impregnated her daughter and demanded to arrange their marriage immediately. After Santhosh denied that there was no such relation between them, she and her parents complained of rape. He was arrested and was in jail for 95 days, got bail on February 10, 2010. By the time he came out of jail, the woman gave birth to a girl child. A DNA test proved that Santhosh was not the father of the girl child. The case went for a trial and the court-ordered another DNA analysis.

Santhosh sought Rs. 30 lakh as damages from the woman, her parents, and the Secretariat Colony Police inspector who investigated the case.

Source : Times of India