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Mission: – Youth Against Rape
Vision: – RapeMuktBharat



We all know Learning the theories and books don’t give real-time experience, thereon keeping the thought in mind, for practical learning, YOUTH AGAINST INJUSTICE FOUNDATION is starting an internship program in various fields involving Writing to Fundraising. Here’s a bright opportunity to enhance your working experience. Through this internship, the intern will also directly get a chance to be published on our online platforms. If you think that you have skills and knowledge and wish to work with us together for a social cause, then this is the moment for you.

Internship Programme 1

Internship Programme 2

Some Key Points to be noted by intern

  • During the whole program, the interns will have to maintain their daily individual report which will include their working hours, tasks performed, new learning, screenshots of the session and overall experience of the day.
  • The minimum working hours to be spent in the course of the internship will be “4 hours” per day in order to obtain the Certificate of Completion and their daily report must act as a proof of the same.
  • The activity of every intern will be observed on a daily basis to evaluate them and prepare their mark sheet. They may also get bonus points for their creativity and engagement.
  • The Certificate of Completion will not be provided in case of default in submission of daily individual report to be maintained by the interns.
  • All the technical requirements required to participate as an intern must be fulfilled by the interns themselves. These will include a laptop, a stable internet connection, a telegram account, a Microsoft Teams account along with a silent and favorable environment around them.
  • The ‘Team Time’ will involve healthy competition among the teams wherein the teams will act as judges to select winners for the most innovative ideas keeping in mind that points will be given as per individual performance.
  • The behavior of the interns must be ethical and they must maintain professionalism at all times during the course of the internship program.
  • Any disrespect of the group decorum, colleagues or mentors by the interns will lead to them being immediately debarred from the internship program and YAIF as well. This will also lead to further action from the college as per our report and also, from our organization.
  • Conversation between the interns and mentors must be polite and respectful. The language used must be English or Hindi only. No foul language must be used.
  • The interns must maintain loyalty with the organization throughout the course of the internship program.
  • Any discussion regarding the internship program must be done only on the telegram groups created by YAIF or during the virtual meetings on MS Teams. No discussion related to this must be done elsewhere.
  • Any absenteeism without prior information may lead to cancellation of the name of the intern from the internship program.

Contact Deatils

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