More Than Just Words!

Internalised Misogyny

How often have you heard girls say "I'm not like other girls" to prove that they are different and better ? Quite many times. So here comes the concept of internalised misogyny.....

Breast Ironing

Breast Ironing is the process by which young pubescent girls' breasts are ironed, massaged or pounded down through the use of hard or heated objects for non-medical reasons. It is usually being done to delay the breasts from growing, so she does not attract male attention.

Grape - Grey Area Rape

Intercourse that isn't completely consensual but isn't sexual assault or simply unwanted copulation can be counted in the Grey area rape. What do people think rape is? A stranger wearing a scary mask has a weapon to attack you in the night!! As we think, this is how rape looks like. Right?