COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered virus “Coronavirus”. The pandemic trembled the world with its disastrous effects. This virus had started to show its colour in INDIA in March 2020. No one knew what this was all about. How does it affect the people? How does it dissipate? How does the virus behave in what type of conditions/situations/phenomenon? How is this spreading from one person to another? 

Now, for all these questions we have a definite answer and we all are aware of this. Due to this pandemic, many unexpected deaths have also transpired.

Most of the people infected by this virus experienced respiratory illness. It affected severely older people with medical problems like cardiovascular disease, blood pressure or cancer.  Some people continue to experience the range of effects of COVID after the recovery. The cases of organ damaging are also observed in some patients. The virus is showing its fiery effects on our lives. This pandemic is taking the lives of innocents.  

Now, this new strain has started to affect the people of age group between 12-15 years or even below this also. Now the symptoms are also somewhat different from the previous spread. These new symptoms include Stomach pain, Loose motions, headache etc, which could be observed at the initial stages.

The virus spreads through the droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose while coughing or sneezing. It may spread through contaminated surfaces. The one infected by it can transmit it to another person. The airborne transmission of the virus started in many parts of the globe. And that’s horrifying!!


At a time when this COVID-19 is spreading at such a fast pace, we need to take some of the precautionary measures which will help us to deal with the situation.

These are some of the steps which must be kept in mind if you feel that there are some of the symptoms of COVID-19.

a) Keep washing/sanitizing your hands regularly.

b) Try to be less in physical contact, unless it is very urgent or needed.

c) While going out from your house always wear the “DOUBLE MASK” properly. This will help in reducing the spread of the virus. 


d) When suffering from any communicable diseases like Cough, cold, etc keep yourself isolated so that the communication of the virus can be broken.

e) At first hand don’t rush to the hospital for testing and medical treatment.

f) Try to consult the family doctor or known physician who can guide you to take positive steps towards the cure of the disease.

g) Every person with the common symptoms of COVID can not assume that they are COVID +ve rather one must observe the symptoms minutely and if the condition is critical only then rush to the doctor/hospital.

Now, the time has come where we cannot blame anyone for the spread of the virus. We cannot wait for someone who would come for our help. We cannot keep on asking for help from each other. It’s the time when we need to come forward, be the helping hand, volunteer ourselves for the help. 


This second wave of pandemic COVID-19 is not the same as that of the previous one. None can indeed prevent the spread of the virus as it is spreading at the speed of light but one special thing is what we all can do i.e., we all can come together and show the strength of unity. Unity is that power with which we can win anything and everything so, let’s come together and take a vow to be the helping hands of each other and move ahead with PRIDE and  PATIENCE.

“UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL” So, let’s get United and show the power of INDIANS.

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