About Us

Welcome to Youth Against Injustice Foundation (Y.A.I.F)

Youth Against Injustice Foundation is a registered NGO (HR/20/2019/6618) under the Indian Trust Act in Oct, 2019. YAIF, a community of young minds has decided to eradicate the social issues such as rapes, fake rape allegations, acid attacks, human trafficking, child abuse etc.
“Youth Against Rape” under YAIF is a mission with a vision to make “RapeMuktBharat”
The founder, Piyush Monga & 2 key persons are on a cycling campaign, covering 50000+ km in 2 years to conduct awareness programmes specially in the rural areas of the country. YAR conducts public seminars and public awareness campaigns for social awareness. YAR conducted about 300+ awareness campaigns.
Khushiyan Banto campaign is also our initiative to spread happiness by donating basic things to the needy ones. To preserve nature, tree plantation and cleanliness drive are also one of our focused initiatives. YAR’s mission is to make India Rape Free, demanding death penalty for convicted rapists, 14 years of imprisonment for Fake Rape allegations, helping victims in all possible ways and implementing compulsory sex education in schools. Within 1 year of establishment, YAIF has now teams rooted in 21 states & 3 UTs.


Our Mission

To spread our idea of awareness through mutual efforts at online and ground level, and help as many victims as we can.

Our Vision

We aim at bringing about a revolution through propagating the idea of awareness and putting a complete end to rapes and false rape allegations in India, ultimately creating a Rape free nation i.e. Rape Mukt Bharat.

Our Values

We believe to motivate the youth and give back respect to the culture and the society. We fight for the right, so that justice prevails to the needy.

YAI Founder

Piyush Monga

President (Y.A.I.F), Founder (Y.A.R)

I started this mission alone. I had no idea that I will find so much of people to fight against these issues with me. The vision of #rapemuktbharat is not only mine now. This has become an emotion and a reason of life for many more. I just initiated it but want you all to end it together. We need to stand and fight against it, the sooner you will realize better for everyone.

Rape is never related to a political party and has nothing to do with them. So it should be the responsibility of everyone to fight against this together. Twitter

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Be the Part of Change

When we work together on a common goal, we can achieve things beyond our greatest imagination. This is especially true if our intentions are real, and the purpose is for the greater good.