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Welcome to Youth Against Injustice Foundation (Y.A.I.F)

The time demands action! When we all know that a nation’s real progress lies in the hands of the youth building it, we must know that the same youth also holds the power to restrict all the injustice happening around. Starting from empowering marginalised women and girls of various communities to ensuring sustainable and holistic interventions transforming health, livelihood, education and deep-rooted problems, Youth Against Injustice Foundation is contributing themselves selflessly to create a better world to live in. 

With a noble intention of rooting out injustice from society, Y.A.I.F, a non-governmental organisation is creating awareness about several unfair deeds, among people. Like a support system, the organisation not only scrutinises a case of injustice, fairly from every angle but also helps the victim with needed legal aid. Founded in October 2019 and based out in Hisar, Haryana, Youth Against Injustice Foundation is implementing impactful and innovative social initiatives to reach out to vulnerable urban and slum people. Apart from that, being part of several international confederations help us better our internal knowledge and create a healthy network of people with similar mindsets. 

How We Bring Change

  • Inspire: Motivation can be a one-time thing but inspiration comes with real stories that people don’t forget easily. We create that sense of realisation among people by inspiring them to speak out loud against the injustice happening to them. 
  • Team up: We make a team of passionate people who are ready to take initiative and feel proud to be a part of this generous deed of eradicating injustice from society. 
  • See and Act accordingly: An approach to see a thing matters the most. Our clear observation helps us to filter out a lot of things happening around us and find their best solutions.
  • Being kind: A kindful gesture is the most loving way of communication. Being kind costs nothing but can bring priceless smiles to people around us. 
  • Talk with like-minded people: The main motto of Y.A.I.F is to connect with people having similar mindsets. Interacting with them and planning out appropriate initiatives to fight back against injustice is the most beneficial way to create a positive change around us.
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We are dedicated exclusively to the motive of promoting vision & mission. YAIF has been working since 2019 and has successfully rooted its team across India.


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Cycle Campaign

Founder Piyush Monga along with one key member are on cycle campaign to create change making moment all over India by changing the mentality and spreading awareness regarding sex education & child abuse & inspiring the people to come forward for injustices.

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Importance Of Moral Values
Samrala Chowk, Ludhiana, Punjab

Awareness & Khushiyan Banto
Nagaur, Rajasthan

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