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Join hands to abolish Injustice from Society

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What Was My Fault !!

The 27-year old Dr Priyanka Reddy, a veterinary doctor from Shamshabad in Hyderabad was a native of Hyderabad, Telangana.

Dr. Priyanka Reddy Complete CASE STUDY
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We are Youth Against Injustice Foundation (YAIF). We’re on a mission to eliminate all sorts of Injustice from society. And hence we’ve started an initiative called “Youth Against Rape”. We demand implementation of Capital Punishment for Rapists on conviction and minimum 14 years of imprisonment for culprits of False Rape allegations. This mission was started on 25th of May, 2019 by a 22 year old Boy. We’re mostly youngsters (15-25 Age Group) fighting against all sorts of Injustice by conducting Seminars and Awareness Campaign across the Country. We’ve conducted more than 250+ Seminars all over India and the numbers will for sure, keep rising. We aware young minds by providing Sex education. We also assist the victims financially, legally and through counseling. We have 2000+ volunteers and teams in 20 States and 3 Union Territories.

We believe that Mentality of people can leave a massive impact on our Society. And it’s our duty, as Citizens of this nation, to work towards its betterment. Come, join us for a Better tomorrow !

Jai Hind  !

Our focus.

We will remove all the Evils & Cruelties of our Society
Fight Against Rape

Eradicating rapes from our country is the need of the hour. The uprising graphs of recent rape cases are such a dark spot on the present scenario of Indian society. So, we the youth of India have joined our hands to fight against "rape culture" and make India a better and safer place to live for women.

Fight Against Fake Allegations

One of the most controversial disputes affecting the discourse related to violence against women is the dispute about the frequency of false allegations of sexual assault.For centuries, it has been asserted and assumed that women “cry rape,” that a large proportion of rape allegations.

Fight Against Acid Attack

In the past few years , acid attack cases are also rising with a great pace. Such an intolerance is leading to rise in crime rate too. So, our trust is trying to fight against such a major issue and provide justice to the victims as well as abolish it.

Fight Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is also a major reason for most of other crimes like sexual slavery , child labour and other kind of exploitations. Human trafficking is the root cause of all above mentioned crimes. By working on this issue our trust is trying to eradicate things from their roots and make India the best place to live.

Our efforts and our moto

Join hands to abolish Injustice from Society

Let's welcome Y.A.I. Foundation to INDIA in order to tackle all the social victims. We are coming to each state be alert all the devils. 1. Rape Cases.
2. Acid Attacks
3. Human Trafficking
4. Sexual Abuse
5. Fake Allegation
Come to us and we will fight in behalf of you!

What Youth Say.

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